• Two-sided pedicure rasp 1
Two-sided pedicure rasp

It cleans and smoothes foot skin.Two abrasive surfaces, easy to clean.

- LENGTH: 16,5 CM

In the same category

MP118 Foot pumice

Pumice for foot care made of natural mineral ingredients. For scrubbing hard epidermis that

MP022 Foot scrubber

Scrubber in ergonomic shape for removing hard foot epidermis. Its head has scrubbing surfaces on both sides.

MP056 Foot scrubber

Metal one-sided rasp, easy clearing.


NA308 Multivitamin nail conditioner 7 in 1

Conditioner which provides complex regeneration of nail plate, recommended for nails damaged

NA066 6 sides nail buffer block

Six stages of nail buffering which give nail plate beautiful gloss.

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Sweater and honeycomb effect