• Two-sided nail file 1
Two-sided nail file

Fine-grained file for smoothing natural nail plate and final regulation of acrylic and gel.

- GRIT: 220/320

In the same category

MP050 Sapphire nail file - small

Medium-grained nail file for basic nail finishing.

NA164 Glass file in closed case

Designed for natural nails, artificial and tips. Made from toughened glass. Plastic case

NA163 Glass nail file 30-60 μm

Double-sided glass nail file, made from toughened glass, is designed for natural nails care.


MP361 Manicure cuticle nipper

Made of stainless steel of high quality, chrome plated. The original look like tweezer allows

MP035 Cuticle cutter

Profiled blade for precise removal of cuticles. It has practical pusher.

MP245 Foot rasp

One-sided metal rasp, easy to clean.Ergonomic shape of handle allows for comfortable use.