• Sapphire nail file - small 1
Sapphire nail file - small

Medium-grained nail file for basic nail finishing.

- GRIT: 180/180

In the same category

NA166 Acrylic nail file

Designed for cutting and leveling of natural nails, artificial and tips. Acrylic surface

MP006 Nail file

Fine-grained file for smoothing natural nail plate and final regulation of acrylic and gel.

MP378 Sapphire Sand Corundum nile file

Handmade from 100% Polish raw materials. Extremely durable file. Used for sawing, leveling


MP337 Sapphire, chromium plated concave nail file

Coarse-grained side used for shortening and fine-grained side for shaping and smoothing the

MP052 Heel scrubber

Product for hard foot skin. Its head is made of stainless steel. Made in Germany.

MP376 Nail clipper

Nail clipper with silicone finishing, does not slip out during use.