• Sapphire nail file - small 1
Sapphire nail file - small

Medium-grained nail file for basic nail finishing.

- GRIT: 180/180

In the same category

MP233 Nail file, half-moon

Coarse-grained file with strong abrasion for removal from nails of tips and other materials.

MP027 Nail file - small

Medium-grained file for basic nail finishing as well as acrylic and UV gel shaping.

MP363 PEEL OFF nail file– 2*3 layers

Nail file with grit no. 180. Each side of file has three abrasive layers, glued to one another.


NA163 Glass nail file 30-60 μm

Double-sided glass nail file, made from toughened glass, is designed for natural nails care.

NA165 Glass pedicure file

2-ways, hygienic, provided with two types of abrasive surface. Used to gently remove dead and calloused feet skin.

MP054 Blades for heels scrubber

The set contains 10 items. Made in Germany in accordance with Solingen technical requirements.