• Sapphire nail file - large 1
Sapphire nail file - large

Medium-grained files for basic nail finishing.

- GRIT: 180/180
- LENGTH: 17,5 CM

In the same category

MP337 Sapphire, chromium plated concave nail file

Coarse-grained side used for shortening and fine-grained side for shaping and smoothing the

Mp371 Nail file

Professional nail file.

NA163 Glass nail file 30-60 μm

Double-sided glass nail file, made from toughened glass, is designed for natural nails care.


MP363 PEEL OFF nail file– 2*3 layers

Nail file with grit no. 180. Each side of file has three abrasive layers, glued to one another.

NA301 Gel nail polish remover with green tea oil and vitamin E

Gel remover with innovative formula, ideal for removing all types of nail coating.