• Pedicure file 1
Pedicure file

Used to remove dead and calloused feet skin, what makes feet soft and susceptible to the cosmetics. It has a removable abrasive surface, which helps to keep the tool clean.


In the same category

MP141 Foot pumice

Synthetic pumice. It precisely removes hard epidermis.

MP266 Two-sided ceramic pedicure file

2-ways file, provided with two types of ceramic surface, with an ergonomically shaped handle.

MP056 Foot scrubber

Metal one-sided rasp, easy clearing.


NA101 Nail buffer blocks

Perfect for making nail surface even and matt – especially before application: • Hybrid

MP375 Nail file

Laser nail file with silicone handle, does not slip out during use.

NA165 Glass pedicure file

2-ways, hygienic, provided with two types of abrasive surface. Used to gently remove dead and calloused feet skin.