• Paper nail files 1
Paper nail files

Medium-grained files for basic nail finishing as well as acrylic and UV gel shaping. The set contains 20 files.

- GRIT: 120

In the same category

MP338 Sapphire, chromium plated nail file

Provides above average use durability due to strong bonding of a chromium layer with sapphire

MP362 PEEL OFF nail file – 2*3 layers

Nail file with grit no. 180. Each side of file has three abrasive layers, glued to one another.

MP331 Sapphire file - small

Medium-grained files for basic nail finishing.


NA411 Nail stickers


MP392 Nail scissors

Made of high quality stainless steel covered with 24-carat gold. Classic design and contoured

Mp372 Nail file-buffer

Nail file with buffer.