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Soft Touch New Design tweezers

Soft Touch is a collection dedicated to women who follow new trends. The series include accessories for make up, manicure, pedicure, hair combs and brushes. Most of the products are finished with pleasant-to-touch material. Large colour and design palette.

- LENGTH: 9,2 CM

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MA305 GOLD eyebrow tweezer

Slant tweezer perfect to remove the hair precisely and without pain. Made of stainless steel

MA231 False eyelashes tweezer - applicator

Use to apply artificial eyelashes, in the form of eyelash lines or tufts. Made of stainless steel.

MP257 Satin tweezers

Perfectly fitted prehensile surfaces, manually polished, allow for effective and hygienic


MA098 Silicone sponge

Silicone applicator designed for applying creamy make up cosmetics: foundation, concealer,

MA064 Soft Touch Eyelash curler

It curls eyelashes giving them beautiful and natural look.

MA001 Applicator – 5 pcs.

Soft sponge of the applicator allows precise distribution of eye shadow on the eyelids.