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Nail scissors

Profiled blade allows for precise nail plate care. Made of stainless steel.


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MP254 Cuticle scissors

Hot forging and manual polishing enable long preservation of sharpness.

MP392 Nail scissors

Made of high quality stainless steel covered with 24-carat gold. Classic design and contoured

MP344 Soft Touch Nail scissors

Soft Touch is a collection dedicated to women who follow new trends. The series include


MP336 Cuticle nippers

Profiled blade allows for quick and precise cutting. Made of stainless steel.

NA308 Multivitamin nail conditioner 7 in 1

Conditioner which provides complex regeneration of nail plate, recommended for nails damaged

MP118 Foot pumice

Pumice for foot care made of natural mineral ingredients. For scrubbing hard epidermis that