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Nail scissors

Profiled blade allows for precise nail plate care. Made of stainless steel.


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MP254 Cuticle scissors

Hot forging and manual polishing enable long preservation of sharpness.

MP354 Exquisite In Black Nail scissors

Nail scissors available in elegant metallic colours. The Exquisite in Black collection also

MP094 Cuticles scissors

Profiled blade for precise manicure. Made of stainless steel.


MP165 Luxury pedicure rasp

Hand made in Poland, from domestic raw materials. Abrasive surface with two gradations made of

MP272 Nail nippers

There are designed for hard nails, especially toes. Nippers are made of high carbon stainless steel.

MP374 Wooden nail file

A wooden core made of high-quality wood ensures adequate hardness and durability of the file.