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Nail nippers

There are designed for hard nails, especially toes. Nippers are made of high carbon stainless steel.


In the same category

MP167 Nail cutter

Professional nail cutter. Oval blades guarantee precise cutting. Made of carbon steel.

MP366 Nail clipper

Made of stainless steel of high quality, CHROME plated.

MP376 Nail clipper

Nail clipper with silicone finishing, does not slip out during use.


MP393 Nail clipper

Made of carbon steel covered with 24-carat gold. Durable, comfortable, classic.

MP142 Cuticle satin nippers

Hot forged and manually polished. Hardness grade in accordance with Solingen technical requirements. Made in Germany.

MP363 PEEL OFF nail file– 2*3 layers

Nail file with grit no. 180. Each side of file has three abrasive layers, glued to one another.