• Nail glitter 1
  • Nail glitter 2
Nail glitter

- Set contains 2 pcs.

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NA402 Nail decorations

Crushed shell effect

NA098 Double-sided glass manicure stick

Two-sided, glass instrument for removing the cuticles during manicure and pedicure treatments.

NA041 Salon artificial nails + glue

Set of artificial nails for fast and professional home-made manicure. The set includes 2g glue for artificial nail.


NA301 Gel nail polish remover with green tea oil and vitamin E

Gel remover with innovative formula, ideal for removing all types of nail coating.

NA407 Nail stickers

Available in many designes

MP266 Two-sided ceramic pedicure file

2-ways file, provided with two types of ceramic surface, with an ergonomically shaped handle.