• Nail file 1
Nail file

Laser nail file with silicone handle, does not slip out during use.

- Size: 12,5 cm

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MP363 PEEL OFF nail file– 2*3 layers

Nail file with grit no. 180. Each side of file has three abrasive layers, glued to one another.

MP233 Nail file, half-moon

Coarse-grained file with strong abrasion for removal from nails of tips and other materials.

MP374 Wooden nail file

A wooden core made of high-quality wood ensures adequate hardness and durability of the file.


NA061 Nail buffer block

Perfect for making nail surface even and matt. – especially before application of artificial

mp390 Gold cuticle scissors

Made of high quality stainless steel covered with 24-carat gold. Classic design and contoured

Mp373 Nail buffer

Perfect for making nail surface even and matt.