• Nail cutter 1
Nail cutter

Professional nail cutter. Oval blades guarantee precise cutting. Made of carbon steel.

- LENGTH: 6,6 CM

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MP036 Nail cutter - large, stainless

Professional nail cutter. Oval blade guarantee perfect cutting. Made of carbon steel.

MP366 Nail clipper

Made of stainless steel of high quality, CHROME plated.

MP380 Nail clipper Gun Black

Nail clipper dedicated for men in a graphite revolver designer color. The product is made of


MP377 Washaable nail file

Professional WASHABLE nail file, grit 180/240. It can be washed under running water. DUSTLESS-

MP338 Sapphire, chromium plated nail file

Provides above average use durability due to strong bonding of a chromium layer with sapphire

MP006 Nail file

Fine-grained file for smoothing natural nail plate and final regulation of acrylic and gel.