• Jewellery for decorating nails 1
  • Jewellery for decorating nails 2
Jewellery for decorating nails

- Set contains 9 designs.

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NA041 Salon artificial nails + glue

Set of artificial nails for fast and professional home-made manicure. The set includes 2g glue for artificial nail.

MP360 Manicure /pedicure cuticle pusher

Tool for pushing cuticles during manicure, pedicure and nails stylization.

NA402 Nail decorations

Crushed shell effect


MP037 Nail cutter - small, stainless

Professional nail cutter. Oval blade guarantee perfect cutting. Made of carbon steel.

Mp373 Nail buffer

Perfect for making nail surface even and matt.

NA063 Glass nail file in the case 30-60 μm

Double-sided glass nail file, made form toughened glass, is designed for natural nails care.