• Heel scrubber 1
Heel scrubber

Product for hard foot skin. Its head is made of stainless steel. Made in Germany.


In the same category

MP054 Blades for heels scrubber

The set contains 10 items. Made in Germany in accordance with Solingen technical requirements.

MP056 Foot scrubber

Metal one-sided rasp, easy clearing.

MP266 Two-sided ceramic pedicure file

2-ways file, provided with two types of ceramic surface, with an ergonomically shaped handle.


NA041 Salon artificial nails + glue

Set of artificial nails for fast and professional home-made manicure. The set includes 2g glue for artificial nail.

NA264 Glass nail file 280/280

Double-sided glass nail file, made from toughened glass, is designed for natural nails care.