• Hairstyling brush 1
Hairstyling brush

Hairstyling brush for shoulder-length and short hair.

- Size: 22 cm
- Diameter: 1,7 cm

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SZ007 Cleaner for hair brushes

It has a curved metal claws that precisely remove the remains of hair from hairbrushes.

SZ542 Ewa Schmitt by Hercules Sägemann Hairbrush NATURAL BOAR BRISTLE

Ideal for hair requiring real brushing. Delicate and gives hair a beautiful shine. Single

SZ277 Hairbrush

Hairbrush designed for any type of hair. It is made from durable plastic. Light, comfortable and handy.


WA040 Clip hair rollers, 8 pcs.

Thanks to tight clasps of the clips, rollers provide firmer curl of individual strands of hair.

SZ531 Ewa Schmitt by Hercules Sägemann Hairbrush for long and shoulder-length hair.

Designed for sensitive scalp and tangled, curly hair.

sz397 Hairstyling brush

Nylon pins surrounded by boar bristle.