• Hairbrush 1

Designed for any type of hair. Light, comfortable and handy.

- WIDTH 6,5 CM

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SZ363 Detangling Ewa Schmitt Hairbrush

Ideal for any hair type, also for long and curly hair. It easily brushes out wet hair. The

SZ552 Biofriendly Biodegradable hair brush

The product was obtained from starch of maize and manioc plants - natural raw materials of a

SZ393 Hairbrush

Ideal for hair requiring real brushing. Nylon pins surrounded by boar bristle.


GR006 Hair comb

Ideal for combing both dry and wet hair as well as curls and for preserving their structure.

WA018 Hair curlers, 14 pcs.

Foam hair curlers provide long-lasting and durable hair stylisation. They give hair natural

GR024 Hair comb

Hair comb with a handle. Designed for every type of hair.