• Hair comb 1
Hair comb

Two sided hair comb, designed for combing every type of hair.

- size: 20,2 x 5,6 cm

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GR014 Hair comb

Backcombing comb with spiky metal ending for creative stylisation and precise separation of

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Comb for backcombing ended with fork-shaped pins which can be used in creative stylization and

GR027 Hair comb

Comb for combing and backcombing with spiky ending and for precise separation of hair stripes while hairstyling.


WA028 Hair rollers – Velcro, 4 pcs.

Velcro rollers are ideal for stylisation of straight and messy hair.

AT089 Hair dyeing brush

Professional brush with a comb. Elongated, spiky handle may be used for separating hair stripes.

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