• File-buffer OVAL, 4-ways 1
  • File-buffer OVAL, 4-ways 2
File-buffer OVAL, 4-ways

The original oval shape allows easy polishing of nails. Used step by step removes inequality and scratches to give in result smooth and shiny nails.


In the same category

Mp372 Nail file-buffer

Nail file with buffer.

NA062 Double-sided nail buffer block

Ideal for buffering and polishing nail surface – both as the final step of manicure and before

Mp373 Nail buffer

Perfect for making nail surface even and matt.


Mp371 Nail file

Professional nail file.

MP266 Two-sided ceramic pedicure file

2-ways file, provided with two types of ceramic surface, with an ergonomically shaped handle.

MP258 Cuticle cutter with pusher

Specifically profiled blade allows for precise removal of cuticles. It has practical pusher.