• Cuticles scissors 1
Cuticles scissors

Profiled blade for precise manicure. Made of stainless steel.


In the same category

MP254 Cuticle scissors

Hot forging and manual polishing enable long preservation of sharpness.

MP335 Nail scissors

Profiled blade allows for precise nail plate care. Made of stainless steel.

mp381 Safety scissors Gun Black

Universal scissors mainly for nails and unwanted hair from the nose, ears, etc. Made of


MP245 Foot rasp

One-sided metal rasp, easy to clean.Ergonomic shape of handle allows for comfortable use.

MP259 4-sided buffer with ergonomic turn

It smoothes plate surface and makes nails shining.

MP337 Sapphire, chromium plated concave nail file

Coarse-grained side used for shortening and fine-grained side for shaping and smoothing the