• Ceramic nail file 1
Ceramic nail file

Designed for cutting and leveling of natural nails, artificial and tips. The ergonomic handle allows for easy modeling of the shape of the nail. Gentle abrasive surface prevents splitting and cracking of the nail plate.

- LENGTH: 10,5 CM

In the same category

MP233 Nail file, half-moon

Coarse-grained file with strong abrasion for removal from nails of tips and other materials.

MP005 Nail file

Medium-grained file for basic nail finishing as well as acrylic and UV gel shaping.

mp370 Nail file, half-moon

Nail file with two abrasive surfaces.


NA164 Glass file in closed case

Designed for natural nails, artificial and tips. Made from toughened glass. Plastic case

NA302 Milk nail polish remover with silk proteins and vitamin A

Nutritious nail polish remover. Silk proteins stick tightly to nail surface, making the plate