• 6 sides nail buffer block 1
6 sides nail buffer block

Six stages of nail buffering which give nail plate beautiful gloss.

- DIMENSIONS: 16 x 2,3 x 2,3 CM

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MP259 4-sided buffer with ergonomic turn

It smoothes plate surface and makes nails shining.

MP051 Nail file-buffer, 4-sided

Fine file for smoothing natural nail plate and buffer for glitter of nails and evening plate surface.

NA090 File-buffer OVAL, 4-ways

The original oval shape allows easy polishing of nails. Used step by step removes inequality


mp370 Nail file, half-moon

Nail file with two abrasive surfaces.

MP258 Cuticle cutter with pusher

Specifically profiled blade allows for precise removal of cuticles. It has practical pusher.

MP165 Luxury pedicure rasp

Hand made in Poland, from domestic raw materials. Abrasive surface with two gradations made of