• 3D nail stickers 1
3D nail stickers

Sweater and honeycomb effect

- Set contains 20 stickers.

In the same category

MP244 Wooden sticks, manicure

Wooden sticks for pushing cuticles during manicure and nails stylization. Made of birch. The set contains 10 items.

NA409 Nail stickers

With crystal

NA098 Double-sided glass manicure stick

Two-sided, glass instrument for removing the cuticles during manicure and pedicure treatments.


MP368 Pedicure file

Used to remove dead and calloused feet skin, what makes feet soft and susceptible to the

MP107 Sapphire nail file - large

Medium-grained files for basic nail finishing.

MP054 Blades for heels scrubber

The set contains 10 items. Made in Germany in accordance with Solingen technical requirements.